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Tongfu.Veronica: ‘I planned to retire from competitive gaming’

Interview with Veronica from DotA 2 team Tongfu, one of China's best. Competing in G1-League amongst others.

Known in his early DotA days with for his spectacular performances with Earthshaker, hopes his new stint in will take him to greater heights professionally. In an early with G-1, he discusses his past career and his hopes for his new team.

Introduce yourself to the readers!
-“Hello everyone, I’m Yaodao from TongFu. You may know me as Veronica.”

Can you tell us about how you joined TongFu?
-“Well initially, I actually planned to retire from competitive gaming and rest at home. Then, Hao, who was a good friend of mine, tried to recruit me. I had my reservations, but seeing that WE and TongFu had talked it through, I decided to join TongFu.”

What are your thoughts towards the new training grounds?
-“The new environment is alright, I would say. My new teammates and I are getting along fine. A part of me is missing my friends and family in Shanghai though.”

How about your role within the team? SanSheng and LongDD are both experienced support players, but LongDD is taking up more of the 3rd position while you’re playing the only support role in the team.
-“It’s like this – I’ve played as support in the past and I’m not really accustomed to playing the 3rd position. (I have the least experienced in that role).”

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