mTw and Tongfu to the Internationals

5 days of epic matches came to an end.
takes the last spot in the East Qualifier spot to SEATTLE after beating World Elite in the Final Qualifiers for the East in a best of 5 match. They won 3-0. They had won Ice, Mith and AEON in the upper bracket to reach the finals bracket.

takes the West Qualifier spot after winning Next.Kz. 3-1 in a best of 5 series. They lost to VP
in the 1st round of the Qualifiers and enter the loser bracket making a 5 match winning streak to win the Qualifiers. They won over Infs, Quantic, zNation, Mouz.

The Internation 2 Teams
Absolute Legends
Natus Vincere
Team CLG
Orange Esports
DK E-Sports Club
EHOME E-Sports Club
Invictus Gaming
compLexity Gaming
Moscow Five


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