ESWC CS:GO Teaser trailer announced and your chance to compete!

With the finals becoming more of a reality as the 2nd November encroaches, an awesome teaser trailer has appeared for Counter Strike:Global Offensive on the internet to help everyone get excited over the event. Put together by Spart Production here is the trailer;

Also with this trailer comes news of changes to the application process and the way the teams are being picked for the tournament. The Nordic qualifiers which were only supposed to qualify one team for the final will now have two teams competing for them. There is also an application form which is open to any team in the whole world! Initially only one team would qualify through this method but there is already an update on the ESWC website explaining that they are planning to choose three teams from the application form process.

The application form is still live until the 16th November so if you are serious about and want the opportunity to compete at ESWC, what have you got to lose? Fill out the form but bear in mind that trip and hosting fees are not provided by ESWC.

Follow a link to the application form here!

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