PGF DotA 2 Champion JessieVash Talks…

Pagibig player, former Mineski talks about DotA 2!

The may be becoming a distant memory for some of you, however the guys at Rapture Gaming have managed to corner , a player who plays for . the team which took the title at this year’s event. The interview talks about preparations for the event and how he felt the team performed.

Here is a snippet from the interview;

RGN: Can you please discuss a brief background of Pagibig TnC?

JessieVash: Actually team Pagibig is my 1st team in , so we’ve been together for almost a year. But when 2 was released each one of us played for different teams, until we decided to get together again and play as team Pag-Ibig TnC.

RGN: We’ve noticed that your team is playing alongside the famous Ninjaboogie. How is it playing with him?

JessieVash: It was fun playing with him like an ordinary teammate. Ever since he’s been my teammate before and we went to Singapore together for League of Legends tournament, haha :))

RGN: How did you qualify in the DOTA 2 tournament?

JessieVash: We joined MIOT ( Infinity Opening Tournament) and we won as a champion.

RGN: Prior to the tournament, what training did the team went through?

JessieVash: Usually we play via online everyday and a month before the tournament, we met 4 times a week and played together in a lan shop either at The Net.com Morayta or Mineski Infinity Morayta.

RGN: What was the emotion of the team upon reaching the finals?

JessieVash: I felt so happy that we’re already at the finals, thinking that it was just an ordinary game/competition that we really need to win.

RGN: As the PGF champ, will you be the one competing in “The Asia” DOTA 2 cup?

JessieVash: Yes, we are. It was also one of the prizes in Pinoy Gaming Festival for DOTA 2.

Full interview is available here.

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