Mushi’s Interview

Esports has achieved a lot of success when they come to e-Sports, especially in scene. Behind this team’s success is a man that proven his worth to be part of the team, not just a member/leader/mentor/friend as well. Lets all get to know more about Chai Yee Fung, aka Orange.. His first hero was Leshrac.  His first game was really funny. He is not aware that he needs to pay to activate the buyback icon that helped me to revive immediately. So, in every time I die, I kept on clicking that button, Then my friend looked at my monitor, and asked why I did not have any other items. Then I said I had had no ideas. Afterwards, when I died again, he looked into my PC one more time, and clearly understood what happened. No one has taught him how to play, so he decides to watch other players play and learn some tricks. During his free time, he plays basketball, snooker, pool, watch movie, and hangout with his friends.

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A Pro Girl Gamer indeed.
1 C | 31 Mar
DotA 2