WCS South Korea Preliminaries: Day 1 and Day 2 results

Blizzard’s World Champion Series finally arrived in , with over 100 players battling the title of the WCS Representative, fans are keeping a close eye on who will win this most awaited prestigious event.


Day 1: July 22nd, 11am KST. Groups A – B – C – D

July 22nd, 4pm KST. Groups E – F – G – H


Day 1 qualified players: Hack, Puzzle, dreamertt, BBoongBBoong, Curious, CoCa, Creator and Happy.



Day 2: July 23rd, 11am KST. Groups I – J – K – L


July 23rd, 4pm KST. Groups M – N – O – P

Day 2 qualified players: sC, YuGiOh, horror, Leenock, Polt, Reality, Miya and TaiLS


There is also players that are seeded from top 10 of GSL and also from Kespa.

GSL Top 10 Seeds: DongRaeGu, Mvp, MC, Seed, Genius, Squirtle, Parting, HerO, GuMiho and aLive.

KESPA Seeds: By.Sun, EffOrt, herO[jOin], Jaedong, RorO and Neo.G_Soulkey.




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